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Juice from Juice

"Juice from Juice" is a program for teachers where you learn how to generate a current using blackberries and solar energy! In addition, we show you four other labs that you can do in your classes, covering chemistry, physics and biology. Scroll down to the list below for more specific information.

If you would like to come to a workshop, please contact our scheduling coordinator Carolyn Patterson at solarmy[at]caltech[dot]edu.

If you have questions about material covered in the workshops, please contact our Juice from Juice leader Tania Darnton at juicefromjuice[at]caltech[dot]edu.

  • For the 2012-2013 school year, we will hold 4 workshops on Saturdays: October 27, December 8, February 23 and June 1. Click here for workshop details. This workshop is free and open to teachers and their students. You even get lunch! We hope to see you there.
  • We have partnered with the West Side Science Club in Venice, CA, and Wildwood School in Santa Monica, CA, to conduct some informal science education experiences for young people. Read more about this program here.
  • Our team participated with the Natural History Museum on Sunday, May 27, with their Sustainable Sundays program. This informal science education partnership allows anyone coming to the museum that day to make a DSSC and learn more about generating energy from a food source. More information can be found here.
  • In 2011, we held several workshops:
    • California Science Teachers Association conference on Saturday, Oct. 22. Click here for more information about our presentation.
      • Click here for more information about CSTA.
    • Workshops were held in March, May, July, and December. With our newly-expanded lesson plans, we support teachers from grades 3 - 12.
    • In August, Dr. Shane Ardo joined the CCI team in Puerto Rico to help educate teachers there about solar energy.
  • We've added a new water-splitting module to our workshop. Go here to learn more about this interesting science.
  • The materials you need to perform multiple labs based on solar energy are available in a kit, available commercially from Arbor Scientific,
    • See the kit here
    • Bring your kit to one of our workshops to get hands-on experience with the materials.
      • Please contact us if you need financial help to purchase a kit.
    • See videos on how to use the materials on the Caltech Youtube site. Click on the "Resources for Teachers" playlist on the right.

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The research that underlies this instructional website is funded by the National Science Foundation.