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September, 2009
Caltech postdocs Dr. Michael Walter and Dr. Mike Rose attended a Chemistry Communication workshop at the University of Washington. The workshop was organized by Professor Deborah L. Illman, a faculty member in the Technical Writing program at UW.

Walter and Rose heard from leaders in the science communication field, and took part in writing and oral exercises to practice the art of communicating in a "Substantive and Accessible" way.  They are planning a small series of seminars and workshops at Caltech to engage other post-docs, graduate students, and even faculty on the value of communicating their results to the public.
The CCLI was sponsored by NSF, the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the University of Washington.

A writeup in C&E News says: "Participants learned how journalists work; where their ideas come from; how they pitch, write, and edit stories; and how public relations and public information officers fit into the communication process. They learned about science blogs and the differences between print and radio communication. Attendees interviewed UW scientists in mock press conferences. They had to write and produce engaging “elevator talks” about their work. They were even subjected to actors simulating tough-to-handle interviewees

June 15, 2009

Caltech News: Caltech Makes the Grade on Sustainability-The 2009 College Sustainability Report Card was just released, and Caltech earned a B for overall campus sustainability.

June 12, 2009

Caltech president Jean-Lou Chameau announces Initiative for a New $90 Million Sustainability Institute Focused on Energy Technologies

June 11, 2009

   Daniel Nocera wins 2009 IREO Renewable Energy Award   

May 27, 2009 

   interview with Daniel Nocera: Harnessing the Sun When It Doesn’t Shine

May 19, 2009 

   Harry Gray is the 2009 Welch Chemistry Award recipient 

April 2-4, 2009 

Josh Spurgeon  Scott Wicker Louise Berben  Elizabeth Young Wendy Wang

 CCI students Josh Spurgeon (Caltech), Scott Wicker (Southern) and post doctoral scholars Louise Berben (MIT), Elizabeth Young (MIT) and Weihua Wang (Southern) attended the NSF Chemistry CCI program sponsored Research to Innovation conference in Boston.

According to Josh they "learned in much greater detail about intellectual property and how it works at universities. Likewise, I learnt  what patents are good for and how university tech transfer offices can help you get one by first applying for a provisional patent before you publish, then moving on to apply for a real patent within one year. We learned about the business vocabulary involved in starting a new company, including evaluating your place in a value chain, determining your market segments, and choosing how to structure your venture. We also learned about the different options for obtaining financing for a new company like government organizations, venture capital firms, and business plan competitions. We also talked in depth about forming a team and the attributes you would want in your team members."

Weihua Wang of Southern says "On April 2-4, I participated in the Research to Innovation Workshop in Cambridge, MA. This great training program taught us how to view our science from a “market lens”. For the first time, I started to look at my research from a different point of view and started to relate it with the concepts that I had never thought about before, such as “market segment”, “value chain”, “technology transfer”… It was kind of exciting. Just as mentioned on the CCI website, this workshop offered us a unique opportunity to interact with experts in technology innovation and transfer and to learn the fundamentals of effective research translation and innovation. It helps me begin to set up new goals for future research."